DR Gill Hicks

DR Gill Hicks

(Dr) Gill Hicks MBE is considered to be one of the most thought provoking, powerful and life affirming speakers in Australia.

She is globally known as a survivor of the London terrorist Bombings on July 7th, 2005.

There are few people who have endured such unimaginable trauma and are able to rejoice and celebrate just being alive. Equally there are few people who can speak about a tragic event in such an engaging and uplifting manner. Her appreciation and gratitude is infectious and offers a brilliant reminder of just how precious our lives are.

Inspiring is a word often over used, but Gill Hicks’ remarkable courage and determination to truly triumph over tragedy is nothing but inspirational.

A successful Design Curator and Publisher, Gill owned two multi disciplinary consultancies in London before heading up the Curatorial team for the UK Government funded, Design Council.

Her unique understanding of business together with her formidable ability to navigate extreme change, places Gill as an authority able to create ‘solution based’ talks. Working closely with corporate clients, Gill ensures that their team or conference audience is equipped with a greater set of ‘tools’ and a greater appreciation of their personal ability to thrive.